Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hoppa on, Hoppa off! - Saturday.

I woke up to the sound of rain! No,no,no that's why I came away.  This wasn't forecast but nothing to do but go down to breakfast and hope it leaves off. I have only cardigans with me. Breakfast was great,what a choice. Amused by an elderly couple who took about 30 seconds to decide where to sit,sat down, had words and got up and moved. That was at 9.30 what did the rest of the day hold for them!
Rain stopped and sun coming out, great, decided I would get on the Hoppa after all. 5 mins walk and hopped on. Castillo de Gibralfaro first on my list. Before we climbed up to the castle we passed the harbour and the best beach in Malaga which was pretty empty.

This is on the harbour.

Going to check this out another time. I have brought my cozizie with me but don't think it will come out of the suitcase!
It was a beautiful climb up to the castle.

This is a view of the Alcazaba from the city on the way up to the castle.

The bus driver stopped so we get some shots.

First hop off at the castle. Could see for miles! Climbed many steps! The promise of a drink at the cafe kept me going. Of course it was closed so a swig of water it had to be!

Quite high up! And I did walk around the walls.

The tour driver was a good salesman and I bought an all exclusive ticket for 25€. Included admission to all the museums,a boat ride and best of all a ticket to the music museum where there was to be a flamenco dance at 2pm. I got there a few minutes early. I wasn't really interested in looking at the instruments but loved this in the foyer. The Spanish seem to like glass!

We were taken through to a dark back room and seated. Of course I've seen flamenco dancing on the T.V but this time I was right next to the stage. It started off with these two.

She was the singer and he ...obviously!
Very powerful voice and she seemed to sing for ages before she

Came flying onto the stage from the back of the room!  The dancing was magical! You would have thought she would have treated her shoes to a little polish!

She must have danced for about 10 mins and then we were treated to a recital by the guitarist.
Now some kind person bought me a ukulele for Christmas. I must admit that I am struggling! I will persevere, but this music was so beautiful and he made it look so easy and of course it is slower than ukulele music, my brain might connect with my fingers if I could play a bit slower!
Our dancer gave us two dances and then the singer got up and danced as well. What a treat, this alone was worth the 25€.

2.45 and decisions to make! I have this ticket for 24 hours and I want to take the boat trip! But I have to fit food in as as well! Cappuccino and pizza ordered, cappuccino arrived and 30 mins later waiter said they had a problem with the pizza and were doing another's coming. 10 minutes later it hadn't so I was out of that place. Left my 2 euros on the table and did a brisk walk out of the Plaza Bayon. 
I had visions of the waiter chasing after me with my Hawaiian! I didn't hear him if he did.
A delicious tagliatelle later I hopped on the bus again to go for my boat ride. That was when I found out that there was no boat trip they had finished three weeks ago! Oh dear!  So what to do? Get my money's worth that's what. I did the whole route on top deck and although I put my cardi on I froze! It was about 4.30 and getting a bit breezy. Had a hour or so before I wanted to eat so went back to the room.  My legs haven't walked this far in a long time they needed a rest!

This is a guy I saw on the way to the bus. Dancing round the tables, collecting money of course.

He was on stilts of course but must have been over 7ft.

The cathedral is huge and very beautiful.


  1. Shame that some places are closed, but you would have been even colder on the boat trip, so maybe that was a blessing!

    1. It was only that one that was closed. Everywhere open for the cruise ships!
      Where are you planning on going?