Tuesday, 12 January 2016

No coffee in the room!

Generally my hotel -Room Mate Lola, (name is a bit dubious) is absolutely great. Breakfast is good, varied and plentiful, the decor, very modern (a lot of black and white ) which I like. My only gripe is that when I wake up I need a coffee. I don't know why this treat is sadly lacking in continental hotels and thinking about it also in a lot of American hotels. I should have learned from the last holiday in France and brought my own supplies!
Consequently,unless I'm brave enough to tiptoe down three floors in my jim jams, I have to get up and get ready for the day and shoot down to breakfast, whereas if I had coffee I needn't get up until 11.30 as breakfast is served until midday!  The Room Mate is a chain of hotels in Spain, don't know if any other countries. This hotel is rated 4 and1/2 stars and although not cheap, I got a good deal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
The plan today originally was to visit the botanical gardens. Good job I read the leaflet because it is closed on Mondays!  Maybe as well as it is going to rain at 3pm! New fancy brown spotted umbrella stashed in the already overflowing bag,why do I feel obliged to staggered around all day with a bag full of "stuff", I wandered out into the street and decided that I would take a leisurely stroll and check out the beach via the harbour while the sun is out and will do indoor things when it's raining. The harbour is one of my favourite places to hang out.  The legs were feeling a bit stiff after all the climbing from yesterday. Decided to sit in the park on the bridge, under the palm trees.

I was quite happy to sit and watch this gardener tidying the garden and trimming the lavender bushes, the smell was divine.

But time waits for no man (or woman)and the thought of another of those delicious cappuccinos drove me on another couple of hundred yards to the cafe that I was in the other day.  You can tell how leisurely this day is going to be. I can't remember when I last wasted so much time and it feels so good I even debated wether to get on the little car/train thingy that operates round the port,to take me to the beach (knowing full well it's only a 5 minute walk). Anyway the legs and feet will seize up completely if I don't use them. Also there are about 10 lovely shops that I have to pass and only one was open yesterday so they need checking out.  That done and a bag I'm just thinking about I strolled along to have a closer look at the lighthouse.

One of the oldest in Spain. Don't know when it was built but has been damaged by an earthquake 1898, damaged by artillery in the Spanish civil war and repaired in 1939. Is known as La Farola (small lighthouse). In recent years GPS and radar have been installed. It lights up the waterfront at night.
Around the corner was this

Can't go on a beach without paddling so shoes off and straight into the water. A salt bath, just what my sore feet needed. 

The sand was very difficult to walk on, the feet kept sinking right down. Its very gritty and really gets between the toes! Well I had left the swimming costume in the suitcase. Couldn't be bothered to carry the kindle about. So what to do but lay back and look at the sky.
Plenty going on up there! Loads of planes taking off and seagulls flying about.

As you could see, the beach was practically deserted....so what makes people come and sit 10 feet away from you?  I do quite like other members of the human race but not the ones that do this and then shout and scream because the sea is cold? Can't they see that I am lying there peacefully contemplating how long it will take the jet stream to disappear.  Am I getting to be a grumpy old woman??  So my reverie was disturbed..better go and get some lunch then.

Slow amble to the top of the beach to the cafe. Boy life is hard!  Lady in black from a cruise ship. She and her husband had obviously been the lucky ones to win the company of the cruise ship bore! He was, I clearly heard, single, a pub landlord from High Wycombe, who didn't have a washing machine in the pub and took all his washing down to his Mum's house. Lucky Mum, suppose someone has to love him.  My plate of tomatoes and tuna salad, very oily and garlicky, arrived and he disappeared thank goodness! Yes definitely a grumpy old lady! Peace again.

I've really got to fit in the cathedral and it's passed 3 o'clock and no rain! Better hurry then don't want to get caught out!

The cathedral is absuletly huge.  Part of it was fenced off so we couldn't see the altar clearly.
I'm still thinking about whether I liked it. I certainly didn't get 'that feeling' that you feel in some churches.  I didn't particularly want to stay there either. Obviously appreciated all the carvings,especially around the seating for the choir.

The ceilings are amazing!

The cathedral even has its own el gato

Don't think she looks very Spanish!

I thought I would revisit my little pocket park but today all the seats were full.
But how did I miss this yesterday, one of my favourite flowers.

I remember years ago seeing some in a florist shop in Oakham and knowing I loved them Alan popped in when I wasn't looking and bought me some at £5 a stem! But they lasted ages.

This was a lovely shop I could have filled my suitcase!

Well it finally rained when I was in a restaurant having dinner and had left off by the time I came out so never did use the unbrella. What a shame.lol

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