Monday, 11 January 2016

Sunday in Malaga

Sunday in Malaga

 It's now 03.25 Monday morning! Don't know if it was being overheated under the thin duvet,needing a visit to the bathroom or sore feet that woke me up. However, visit to the bathroom,phone beeping so put on charger, drink of water etc etc and I'm wide awake! Might as well catch up with the blog.

I know it is the winter season but Malaga is such a quiet city. 
When I left the hotel 9.30 ish there was only the odd person around. I wanted to catch the Hoppa to the harbour. I had spied a market on the quay front on Saturday and I do love to wander around them. I had an hour left on my ticket so why not use it. I was early and sat waiting by the water when a man with a map came and sat by me. I thought I recognised the accent. Northern but not a real Geordie. He was amazed when I asked him if he was from Middlesborough! 
How would I know that. Well daughter No 2 was at Uni there for three of her six years and of course I visited when I could.  
Turns out he was bringing a young persons badminton team in July and was doing a reckie. 
The Hoppa driver turned out to be the young man who had picked me up (in the nicest possible way) now 3 times in past 24 hours. From the greeting I got I think the M man thought we were best buddies!
We had chatted quite a bit, I do love chatting to handsome young men,  Didn't tell you about the young man in the cafe who was thrilled when I told him he looked like Ronaldo did I...well that's another story.
Leaving Mr M earnestly studying his map and listening to his commentary I wished him a happy day bid a farewell to handsome, never to be seen again driver and  I jumped off at stop 6.  
The stalls were still being set up....great. 
It was getting a little busier now. A crowd  of geriatrics ( about my age) were trying to manoeuvre  the steep steps down to the promenade. Visions of being tripped over by a walking stick and ending up in a pile at the bottom flashed through my head (am I getting paranoid about this I wonder)
Anyway I stood back until it was clear. 
The stalls were all high standard artisan goodies,what a treat!  Purchasing a few of said goodies it was now time for elevensies and as I sat down I noticed there was a boat trip around the harbour to be had! I skipped over to get a ticket (well nearly) and pretty Spanish girl told me this trip would be busy, probably better to take the next one.  Sure enough geriatrics appeared so I quickly retreated to the cafe for a civilised cappuccino.

It was a happy hour, I have always loved people watching and today was no exception. Suddenly the city had come alive. Joggers, fast walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, young couples, old couples dressed in their Sunday best all out in the now very hot sun.
The boat chugged bank to the quay with two of the lovely young at heart geriatrics doing a Kate and Leo arm stretched impersonation at the front of the boat.  They got loud applause from the people sitting in the cafe!  Damn, I couldn't get my camera out quick enough.

The boat trip was much needed...calm water, wine, fizzy drink, tapas hour of peace. But I did a lot of thinking and came to some conclusions about the changes I am going to make when I get back.

Plenty of these but a lone boat.

The market was the only thing planned so now to wander.  Made my way over the bridge back towards the city.

I decided on going inside the cathedral but the main door was closed so followed the path and the sound of a guitar to a delightful little pocket park!

No one else there except me and the birds!

And the people in the cafe across the road.  It was just so quiet and the guitarist was so talented. He stayed for about 15 minutes.  I saw him later playing outside another cafe.

My wandering so took me around tiny back streets leading into now familiar places.

One of which led to this tree by the Alcazaba. It shines bright pink but the flowers are all lights.

The Christmas lights are still up and I was told that the city looked amazing when they were all lit up.
I hadn't planned on being a mountain goat but as I was there I had to go and have a look at the Alcazaba. A Moorish fortification.

This was the easy bit!

Starting to climb!  At this point it said there was a bar. I had been fooled before but I checked it out and there was and it was open. 

I could get used to sitting there taking in the views of the harbour!  I sat under this having my Capp.

and by now as it seems to happen at about 4 every day the wind got up and I had to keep spitting out little pieces of twig!
I didn't get quite to the top but saw enough to satisfy me. It is a huge place.
Had been looking at the weather forecast and rain was heading our way for Monday. Brolly in the car at Stanstead of course so went into the first souvenir shop I came to and bought one. Not going to be caught out!

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