Saturday, 9 January 2016

Travelling shoes on again!

This time I am in Malaga. Fed up with the rain and grey days I'm here,on my own, for five days.
Decided to stay in hotel on Thursday evening as had to be at the airport for five o'clock.
Arrived Ok and after having a meal and watching the long awaited first part of Jericho settled down for an early night... Random thought went through my mind...did the car lock? It locks as I walk away and I didn't remember hearing it bleep. Two hours later and I was still wide awake. Had dismissed the thought of getting out and going to look and managed to sleep for an hour. Woke up, read for a bit ,slept for one and then at 3.20 precisely decided to get up as I was wide awake...again.
Out to the car,scraped the ice off the windscreen and away to the car park. Easily found a spot,on the bus and soon checked in. Getting good at this! 15kilo limit and it only weighed 10.6...amazing. Plenty of space for goodies. It seemed no time at all and we were boarding. 
Honestly some people, don't they read their boarding cards. Row 22 and major traffic jam. I'm face to face with an eastern looking gentleman with a huge case! I had no where to go and I had been a good girl and read my boarding card...board from the back. My row no was 18. He, however, was determined to get by me. Did he expect me to climb over his case?  Go and stand in those empty seats behind you I said so we can get past! He looked at me with almost hate I think, struggled to lift his case and staggered in reverse into said empty seats. Not easy I know especially as he was quite large.  Job done! 
Settled into my window seat and ready to go. But no, nice captain said we are going to have to sit for 40 mins.  For some reason I went into a panic. The plane seemed even more like a small tin can. I wanted to get off! Knowing there was nothing I could do about it didn't help. The only thing I could think off was to play solitaire on the iPad and it worked. Mind over matter at its best! 
Eventually I found the place to get the transfer bus which I shared with two lovely men from Dublin. They were an hour late so had missed the original bus like me. We were 50 minutes late in the end.
It was delicious getting out into to 20 degrees! 

My hotel is fabulous, Art Nouvou. 
A lot of glass stairs and I am on the 3rd floor! I walked down last night and as much as I hate lifts I decided that, given being accident prone on holiday,  my best bet is to use the small tin can that jolts a bit and makes my heart stop momentarily!

Very near the harbour and centre of the city.  Soon out and in a posh cocktail bar (outside) for a cappuccino and a delicious pastry.

The lack of sleep was catching up on me but I managed to look round the shops 

This was taken this morning after the rain we had early on. It had stopped by the time I had my breakfast. Same shops though.

Had a delicious meal of swordfish swilled down with a sweet white wine. That finished me off and back to the hotel for a very early night! Slept like a log! 


  1. Good to hear of your travels again! Have been eyeing a little trip myself.....

  2. Sounds like you're having a good time. .. :-) xx